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Psychic/Guided Tarot Reading

$60 for 30 min.

$100 for 60 min. 

These readings are a combination of a variety of my tarot cards and my psychic intuition. 

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"Signs may lead us to our destiny and let us know we are on the right path."

Mediumship Sessions

$100 for 30 min.

$50 for each additional 30 min. 

These sessions are specifically meant to connect with loved ones that have left us. Sometimes you will receive messages from more than one spirit. This is a special gift that takes a lot of energy but also has the greatest reward, bringing a sense of peace and closure. It offers healing to my clients and it is often the type of service that gets requested the most.

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Emergency Readings

within a 24 hr notice are $225

When asking for an emergency reading, note that I am “on call” and if available I will try to be there for you regardless of the time or amount of notice. Session will last no longer than 60 min. unless you require more time. We can discuss the options in that case. I will use all the tools, abilities in my power to help you get through this hard time.

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Group Readings

gatherings of 2-6 people

I consider them more intimate than a party or event. There is a discount offered. Please contact me with further details so I can tailor your experience perfectly to meet all your needs. 

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Email Readings

$100 per email

I do offer alternative options for those who may not be interested in or able to attend an in-person or zoom session with me. My fee per email reading is $100. This includes 30-60 minutes of reading work, and then a fully composed ‘transcript’ of the reading via email. 

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Travel - In-Person Readings

Inquire for details & pricing

I can travel to your location! For in-person readings, house clearings, and events/parties, I do assess a travel fee for any location further than 15 miles from the Wilkes-Barre, PA area. Please inquire for additional details. 

Romantic Tent

Parties & Events

If your event is going to include 7 people or more please read on to my party and event services.

Want to create an adventurous and exciting element to your party or event? I have over 20 years of experience excelling at my abilities and sharing my gift for large groups and special events. There is something special about the energy and I find it forms an elevated vibration that makes your gathering memorable.

Readings for parties are largely comprised of traditional tarot readings. Due to the nature of a party, timing is limited per person in order to make sure that everyone gets to experience a reading that wants one. In these cases, my fee per hour is $250 for the first hour and $120 for every hour there after. 

However, if you wish for me to connect with loved ones who have passed and would like me to use my other tools such as my pendulum and dowsing rods to connect with spirits, I will be more than happy to accommodate.  My fee is $350 for the first hour and $200 for every subsequent hour there after. 

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House Clearing/Cleansing

Initial visit to the home or space is $275

House clearing is very individual to each person’s experiences and circumstances. I have been on ghost hunting teams in Southern California as their medium to help guide them, give them answers and connect with the spirits that occupy the space. Whether you want to connect with the spirit(s) and/or work on removing their energy from your space, it is entirely up to you. I will disclose that it sometimes takes more than one visit or perhaps there is a gateway that simply can not be closed. On the other hand it could be as simple as a clearing that space and possibly doing a little homework on your part to simmer down the activity you are experiencing. People are often unaware that negative energy could also be the reason you are sensing uneasiness in your home. In that case it is rather simple! I am more than happy to work with you morning, noon or night. Please give me a week (7 days) to book this consultation. I would ask that we have a brief conversation prior to my visit to discuss the nature of what you are experiencing. Please do not ask me to read the situation rather this is for me to gather information so I can help you. Initial visit to the home or space is $275.

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