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"...with the strength of positive affirmations, intentions and love, we can bring what once felt dark and make it brighter."

Ari's Philosophy

When we are young children we are tapped into this special world, a different realm that often is forgotten as we grow. Some more than others can recall distant memories of paranormal activity or experiences that they never could forget. Often, as children, we tell the adults around us what we saw, heard or felt and are told that it was just our imagination. Imagination is one of the greatest gifts we are given. It gives us ideas, creates dreams and enriches our minds. Yet, there are things in this world that are chalked up to ‘imagination’, but are not so. They are signs and things we can not explain because they are not of this world. Signs that lead us to our destiny and let us know we are on the right path. Maybe a warning to prepare us for an event or a loved one that has left us and are coming to comfort us or give us a message from beyond this plane.


Then there are forces and spirits of a human nature that occupy spaces and want to be heard and seen. The law of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed - only converted from one form of energy to another. We are visited by those who we knew, those that have had a life in our world. And then there is energy that is not from a human form. Some may say it is angels and demons.


I believe in good and evil but I don’t subscribe to the idea that there are dark forces lurking in the shadows; only lost souls and the negative energy that can be manifested due to negativity or past trauma. The acting out of spirits, both mental and physical, that are harmful, can be removed and remedied, usually with the power of love. I know - I know it sounds so cliché. Never is it more true though, that with the strength of positive affirmations, intentions and love, we can bring what once felt dark and make it brighter.


Ari's Bio

Ari has been a psychic, medium and tarot reader for over 30 years. This gift is something that she has worked with since she was a child and she cherishes being able to share it with others. Ari has worked in small shops as a tarot reader both in person and through the phone, as well as for parties and events. Ari’s special gift of mediumship is something he harnessed when she understood it more and was able to clearly visualize and communicate with loved ones on the other side. 

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